Wine Country Museums

You can learn many fascinating things at the museums in the Franconian Wine Country. Something to expect is a variety of exhibits and an unusual setting as you educate yourself on regional history, modern art, wine production or science.


Many times the building that houses a museum is just as memorable as the exhibits themselves. Take for example the ornate Baroque splendor of the Residenz Castle in Würzburg, or the simple, modern architecture of the Museum Georg Schäfer in Schweinfurt (home to a remarkable collection of paintings from the 19th century). Discover the world: World-famous art, architectural masterpieces, lovingly compiled exhibits of traditional crafts and local history. And there are museums dedicated to more unconventional topics, such as glass blowing and water-powered paper production.

Museums (22)

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    Museum am Dom

    The exhibits center around works by modern and contemporary, internationally known artists, such as Joseph Beuys, Otto Dix, Ben Willikens and Käthe Kollwitz. Also, represented are masters from ...
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    The Mainfränkische Museum

    Largest collection of works by Riemenschneider; original sculptures from the castle grounds in Veitshöchheim by Ferdinand Tietz; art by regional artists; prehistoric collection; artifacts from ...
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    Museum Georg Schäfer

    The most significant, private collection of 19thcentury art from German speaking peoples: Objects are from the late rococo to the romantic period all the way to the time of impressionism.
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    Kulturspeicher Museum

    The museum is a vibrant center for art from the 19th, 20thand 21stcenturies. The permanent exhibits include the city’s collection of art from the Biedermeier era, impressionism, expressionism, ...
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    Johanniskapelle Museum “The Art and Spirit of the Gothic Period”

    The Johanniskapelle Museum “The Art and Spirit of the Gothic Period” is located in the Johanniskapelle (erected 1497, sits next to the City Parish Church) and the adjacent baroque-era sexton ...
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    Carthusian Monastery Museum Astheim

    The historical rooms of the church and the procurator quarters of the former monastery house many pictures that bring Bavarian Catholicism to life. The visitor can travel through time by walking ...
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    The Malerwinkelhaus Museum

    The museum is home to a permanent collection chronicling the social life of women in this small, Franconian community from 1850 to 1950. There is also an exhibit (some of it virtual information) ...
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    Museum Otto Schäfer

    The businessman Otto Schäfer (1912-2000) started collecting graphic art in his youth. In 1951, he purchased his first book illustrated with wood engravings, the famous “Schedelsche ...
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    Papermill Museum Homburg

    Paper production powered by water: Experience the life and work of a family of papermakers. Exhibits focus not only on the production techniques and work environment, but also on the lifestyle and ...
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    Pilgrims and Religious Travelers Museum at the KUK in Dettelbach

    The Center for Culture and Communication (KUK) in Dettelbach houses among other things the art department of the Würzburg Diocese and its exhibit Pilgrims and Religious Travelers. You need to ...

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