Wine Country Museums

You can learn many fascinating things at the museums in the Franconian Wine Country. Something to expect is a variety of exhibits and an unusual setting as you educate yourself on regional history, modern art, wine production or science.


Many times the building that houses a museum is just as memorable as the exhibits themselves. Take for example the ornate Baroque splendor of the Residenz Castle in Würzburg, or the simple, modern architecture of the Museum Georg Schäfer in Schweinfurt (home to a remarkable collection of paintings from the 19th century). Discover the world: World-famous art, architectural masterpieces, lovingly compiled exhibits of traditional crafts and local history. And there are museums dedicated to more unconventional topics, such as glass blowing and water-powered paper production.

Museums (22)

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    Museumsscheune Castell

    In 2009, the city of Castell purchased a baroque-era, large barn behind city hall and developed it into a museum on the history of winegrowing. Castell’s winegrowing heritage, from the past to ...
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    Traditional Dress Museum

    The Trachtenmuseum in the Greisinghaus is a non-government supported museum of wide reaching significance. The topic of the exhibits is the beautiful traditional garb of the Ochsenfurter Gau area ...

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