Discover the Wine Country

Franconian wine is not just something you drink; it is a feast for all your senses. Franconian wine is also an integral part of what Franconia is. It belongs here just as harvest is part of the fall season. Franconian wine permeates life in Franconia and it is ever-present.


You feel it when you take a guided tour through a vineyard, when you hike, when you ride your bicycle alongside the Main River. It is there when you enjoy evenings filled with music, when you let the architectural beauty of the Residenz Castle in Würzburg move you, and of course you can literally taste it as a rainbow of flavors while sipping on a glass of Franconian wine. It is also there in the culinary creations of local chefs, at a wine bar, a restaurant or a wine tavern. Franconian wine also comes to life at wine festivals or in a Heckenwirtschaft.

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