Bicycling in the Wine Country

Franconia is a cyclist’s dream come true: Rides alongside picturesque rivers, through sunny vineyards, to pleasant hamlets and historical towns. You have a choice of easy routes, strenuous terrain and E-Bike tours.


For a relaxed, leisurely bike tour, choose from one of our certified routes. The Main River Bike Path is voted year after year as the best long-distance bike path in Germany. Other paths include Main-Tauber-Fränkische Radachter and the Wern Bike Path.

Other exciting bike tours take you through romantic vineyards, historical cities, small hamlets, and many pleasant stops in-between. Hassle-free cycling is guaranteed throughout the Franconian Wine Country. There is no shortage of bicycle-friendly accommodations, bike rentals and repair shops. Also, cities and communities throughout the Franconian Wine Country offer guided bicycle tours and printed materials.

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