A Vacation Made to Order

In the Franconian Wine Country, going out to eat is a special treat.


Franconian chefs are world champions when it comes to pampering their guests: Regional ingredients are the secret to the success of Franconian cuisine. The sandy soils of the Franconian Wine Country are a perfect growth medium for asparagus. This king of all vegetables, as asparagus is known as in Franconia, is part of every restaurant menu in early summer. Crisp vegetables, fresh fish, and tender lamb meat are some of the other specialties used in Franconian cooking. Expect to eat seasonal, regional and creative meals.

Franconian wine complements the regional cuisine perfectly as does the atmosphere of the eateries - from restaurants to wine bars. Everything somehow fits: The half-timbered, historical buildings and modern architecture, the upscale dining establishments and restaurants offering down-home country cooking. Expect to also experience indulgence in a classy and comfortable atmosphere at any of the regional culinary events.

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