Wine Country Museums

You can learn many fascinating things at the museums in the Franconian Wine Country. Something to expect is a variety of exhibits and an unusual setting as you educate yourself on regional history, modern art, wine production or science.


Many times the building that houses a museum is just as memorable as the exhibits themselves. Take for example the ornate Baroque splendor of the Residenz Castle in Würzburg, or the simple, modern architecture of the Museum Georg Schäfer in Schweinfurt (home to a remarkable collection of paintings from the 19th century). Discover the world: World-famous art, architectural masterpieces, lovingly compiled exhibits of traditional crafts and local history. And there are museums dedicated to more unconventional topics, such as glass blowing and water-powered paper production.


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    German Carnival Museum

    The German Carnival Museum houses the most significant collection in the world of items chronicling European traditions of carnival, Shrovetide, and Mardi Gras. The building complex is also used ...
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    Bad Mergentheim

    Teutonic Knight Museum

    On 3000m² of exhibit space, objects, art pieces and models represent the history of the Teutonic Knights from 1190 to today. Also chronicled is the development of the city of Mergentheim from ...
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    Thimble Museum

    Historically, thimbles have had a dual purpose: For one, they were tools used for sewing by hand, but they were also adornment items for the ladies of nobility who loved to embroider. In the past, ...
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    The Fürstenbau Museum

    The east wing of the Fortress Marienberg is home to the former living quarters of the prince bishops of Würzburg and is now part of the Fürstenbaumuseum. On display is the treasure vault of the ...
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    Glass Museum Wertheim

    The former “Kallenbach’sche Haus (1577) and an adjacent half-timbered house are the home of the only glass museum in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Exhibit objects include luxury glass works ...
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    Jewish Culture Museum and Synagogue Veitshöchheim

    At the core of the museum complex is the synagogue with prayer hall, precentor quarters, and bathhouse. The synagogue was originally built in 1730 and is now newly renovated and in liturgical use ...
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    Jewish Museum

    The exhibit “Roots and Journeys” chronicles the cultural and social history of two Jewish communities in the Tauber River Valley from the beginning of the 17thcentury to 1939. The exhibit has ...
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    Mönchsondheim Fortress Church Museum

    The Mönchsondheim Fortress Church Museum is located in the heart of a small Franconian community. It has evolved into an outdoor museum in part, because all the buildings housing exhibits are ...
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    Knauf Museum Iphofen

    The Knauf Museum is home to a unique collection of objects from five centuries and four continents. The spacious exhibit halls house masterpieces from ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia and the ...
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    Schweinfurt Art Museum

    Art collection of the city of Schweinfurt, “Discourse” on German art after 1945, plus pieces from the “Expressive Realism” collection of Joseph Hierling. Five changing exhibits per year in ...

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