60th Nordheim Weinfest

Weinfest Nordheim/Foto: ZUDEM/Assbichler

- anstelle des Nordheimer Weinfestes !!

Wine festivals are rich in tradition and the largest wine-growing community in Franconia celebrates this history in a modern way. The Nordheim Weinfest is in touch with the times we live in. The wine fest organizers come up with new ideas every year for the first Mainschleifen Open Air, Annual Weinfest.

On the festival grounds, visitors can sample around 80 different wines from the multitude of independent local wineries, the Winzervereinigung Inselweinmacher, as well as the Winzergenossenschaft DIVINO. The outdoor location at the chestnut lined alley has room for 3,500 visitors. The view of the vineyards and the town’s illuminated rooftops is augmented by the placement of eight pagoda tents.

Festival organizers also work on the culinary side of things. Thanks to numerous visitor suggestions, this year, local fish will be back on the menu. The Schlereth Fishery from Zellingen will offer Meefischli and Steckerlfisch, amongst other offers. New in the food truck area is an emphasis on food from the Allgäu region. Enjoy authentic Allgäu Kässpätzle or a special burger with a touch of the Alps. Of course, traditional Franconian cuisine, including Brotzeiten, will be well represented. Fans of hearty wine fest classics, such as the Franconian bratwurst on a bun can rejoice as always. Culinary offerings will also include Flammkuchen from a wood-fired stove, as well as cheese-making and pasta-making right on site. For those with a sweet tooth, the dessert menu includes coffee and cake, as well as home-made ice cream from Schweinfurt.

Musical entertainment is varied and has something to offer to all tastes. Concerts include amplified and unplugged artists. Events start at noon on Thursday, at 6pm on Friday, at 3pm on Saturday, and at 11am on Sunday. There is a traditional lunch menu available on Thursdays and Sundays.

Photo: ZUDEM/Assbichler

Date: May 25th, 2022 - May 29th, 2022
Time: Thursday and Friday: 18:00
Saturday: 14:00
Sunday: 12:00
Infophone: 09381 40112

Entrance fees

Admission free