Mainschleife Wine Tasting 2023 - The Large Mainschleife Outdoor Vinotheque

Date: September 16th, 2023 - September 17th, 2023


Saturday: 11:00 till 19:00
Sunday: 11:00 till 18:00

At the two day Mainschleife Wine Tasting event, a wine tasting superlative awaits guests from near and far. The event features the largest outdoor vinotheque of the Mainschleife. Guests can sample 112 local wines. For two days, the Volkach market square is transformed into a large Franconian, regional vinotheque where wines are offered from Wipfeld, Obereisenheim, Untereisenhaim, Stammheim, Zeilitzheim, Obervolkach, Astheim, Escherndorf, Fahr, Nordheim, Sommerach, and, of course, Volkach.

More than 56 regional wineries offer their wines for tasting at this event. And wine connoisseurs can sample 32 different grape varieties. Silvaner is the most popular grape grown in the region and there will be 19 different Silvaner wines up for tasting. Riesling grapes are used for 14 of the wines. But there are also rare wines available for tasting, such as the Muskateller and the Morio Muskat. Burgundy aficionados can look forward to eleven different burgundies.

How it works: Tasting stations are set up on the market square. Each station offers wines from one or more localities, depending on the number of wineries from each one. Guests purchase a taste pass and go on a taste tour of the Mainschleife that includes however many tastings they purchased. The entry level pass includes three tastings for €4. Guests get six tastings for €8 and nine tastings for €12.

Guests can also just get one glass of wine or “Federweisser” and “Zwiebelkuchen” on the market square. Food is for sale. In case of inclement weather, the event will take place inside the historical Volkach Town Hall.

Photo: Atelier Zudem EllenKimmel

Info: 09381 40112 Further information

Entrance fees

4,- till 12,- €
according to number of tastings