Die Nixe - The Ochsenfurt Old Town Ferry


The Nixe operates on Sundays and holidays between 11am and 5pm and offers 30 minute ferry and sight-seeing trips on the Main River.
Bicycles are permitted.
Hours of operation are liable to change on short notice. Please obtain current information at

The Old Town Ferry “Die Nixe” (The Mermaid) was an emergency solution in 2007, when the Old Main River Bridge became impassable. In the past few years, the ferry has become a local tourist attraction, however.

The Nixe was built in 1959 and served as a ferry boat on the Rhine River in Linz and then in Remagen. When the town of Ochsenfurt bought it, the Nixe was in storage at the harbor in Rotterdam. The spectacular transfer to Ochsenfurt is documented in the book “4 men and a boat.”

The popular ferry made its last trip on Christmas Eve in 2011. It had served its purpose since the Old Main River Bridge had been restored and was set to reopen for pedestrian traffic on January 5, 2012.

The newly established NIXE Association took over management of the ferry and re-started the ferry service in May 2012. The Nixe has become a beloved tourist attraction and adds to the already popular tourist appeal of the town of Ochsenfurt.