Hiking the Franconian Wine Country

Hike along the Main River, through the Spessart, Rhön, or Steigerwald forests and mountains, or take a leisurely stroll through vineyards. Hikers in the Franconian Wine Country get to experience it all.

You have a large variety of hiking routes to choose from. Many trails intentionally lead hikers through the region’s beautiful vineyards, the home of the Franconian wine. Visitors get to experience first-hand how important the soil is for the taste of the wine, but also the cultural significance of the Wine Country’s favorite crop. There are vineyard chapels, and wayside shrines attesting to the religiosity of the locals.

But there is more than wine to enjoy: There are many amazing trails through beautiful nature, to breath-taking views of the Main River Valley, to medieval villages, through orchards, and unspoiled forests.

And best of it all: There is always another inn right around the bend, with lodging, Franconian wine and food.