German Shrovetide Museum


Tuesday till Sunday: 1:00PM till 5:00PM

Open on Shrove Monday
Closed on Good Friday and over the Christmas holidays
Group tours can be booked outside of public business hours, by appointment only

The Deutsches Fastnachtmuseum in Kitzingen is full of history, entertainment, and fun.

Deutsches Fastnachtmuseum/Foto: Ronald Grunert-Held

Are you curious about the meaning of the terms “Helau” and “Alaaf?” What the “Bütt” is all about? Or why the number eleven is so important in the world of carnival?

The German Shrovetide Museum has the answers and so much more. The museum lets you explore everything there is to know about Shrovetide, Carnival or Mardi Gras - in a playful way. Enjoy the foolish revelations!

The Fastnachtmuseum opened in November 2013 and it is not only truly unique, it is also one of the most modern ones in all of Germany.

There are interactive exhibits and expansive exhibit halls for a fun museum visit. A “Virtual Fool’s Theater” offers a multimedia show of characters in costumes from a variety of Carnival and Shrovetide traditions, explaining their histories. Experience close-up the deafeningly loud happenings of the parades and the colorful display of all the different costumes.

Traditional masks, diamond-studded medals, shiny presidents’ chains, and magnificent fools scepters are all on display. Find anything that will make a fool’s heart beat faster at the Fastnachtmuseum! But people not into these types of events will be astounded as well.

Children are also in for a treat: They have the option to dress in costumes or go on a treasure hunt through the museum. The museum is a popular destination for families.

For people interested in exploring the museum on their own, there is the TING audio guide.

There are guided tours based on themes, for children, in foreign languages, or for seniors, as well as educational programs that can be booked by groups.

Photo: Ronald Grunert-Held/Viktor Meshko


Adults €5.55. Students and Handicapped: €4.44. Families: €11.11. Children six and under are free.