Himmelstadt Christmas Post Office


9:00AM till 6:00PM

A heavenly experience for the entire family.

Weihnachtspostamt Himmelstadt-Foto: Helmut Gehrig

The exhibit at the former customs station on the Main River Bridge educates about the history of the Himmelstadt (City of Heaven) Christmas Post Office. A display shows how it all started with a single letter by a child that fell into the hands of the postmaster. There is a press review and information on all the helpers who have staffed the Christmas Post Office for more than 30 years now. Pictures of all the special stamps and postage stamps are on display, as well as a large number of letters addressed to the post office by children in hopes of reaching the Christ child in Heaven. Children can write letters to the Christ child in person and deposit them in the mailbox.

Historical post office counter from around 1873. The exhibit also includes a “Historical Post Office” from around 1873 that is on loan from the German Postal Service. The historical post office counter is the backdrop for the annual making of the special stamp, presided over by a celebrity.

Photos: Helmut Gehrig /AK Tourismus Himmelstadt


Admission: free