Hofgarten and Rosenbach Parks of the Residenz Castle


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Würzburg Hofgarten und Putto Foto Andreas Hub

The Hofgarten Park of the Würzburg Residenz Castle is located next to the Baroque city fortifications. The massive supporting walls still border the park on the east side. The royal gardener Johann Prokop Mayer (1735 – 1804) was commissioned at the end of the 18th century to create the park next to the Residenz. Mayer successfully divided the challenging terrain, which rises steeply towards the city fortifications, and created symmetrical but independent small gardens. True to Rococo tastes of the time, he incorporated a plethora of shaped fruit trees, container plants, flower beds, hedges, trellises, and alleys.

On the lowest level of the east- and south side gardens, the borders are planted with flowers according to historical examples. The kitchen garden below the orangery has also been resurrected and features shaped fruit trees that are cultivated following historical cutting techniques. The highly symmetrical garden units are augmented by a landscape garden in 19th century style.

The Classicist garden sculptures (replicas) were created by the royal stone mason Johann Peter Wagner. The elaborate metal gates were fabricated by the royal blacksmith Johann Georg Oegg.

Photos: Andreas Hub


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