Marienberg Fortress


Aus Sicherheitsgründen sind ab sofort Außenbereiche der Festung, wie der Burggraben, die entsprechenden Bastionen und der Weg unterhalb des Fürstengartens von 22 bis 7.30 Uhr bzw. 8.30 Uhr geschlossen.

Festung Marienberg Foto: Andreas Hub

The Marienberg Fortress has a long and storied history, and a proud appearance. It is one of the most impressive architectural masterpieces of old. The history of the fortress can be traced through three millennia. In 1000 BC, there already was a Celtic fort at this location. At the center of the current fortress is the Marien Church that was inaugurated in 706 AD. It is the oldest sacral building East of the Rhine River. The fortress started taking shape in 1201 (the tower was constructed at that time) and it was the residence of the Würzburg Prince Bishops from 1253 to 1719.

Around 1600, the main part of the fortress that is surrounded by a wall was remodeled into a Renaissance castle. The Echter Bastion and the well house were constructed at that time. The latter is considered a masterpiece of Franconian Renaissance architecture. After the fortress fell to the Swedes during the 30-Year War, the castle was remodeled again, this time as a Baroque fortress. The royal garden that continues to be cultivated and offers a wonderful view of the city, dates back to that time.

Photos: Andreas Hub & Karl Josef Hildenbrand