Old Synagogue in Arnstein


April till October
Sunday: 2:00PM till 5:00PM

Guided and group tours are available with prior reservation by telephone: +49 9363 1743

As a place of culture and learning, the ups and downs of the Jewish community in Arnstein has been the topic of a permanent exhibit here since 2012. A riveting mix of media makes history accessible to visitors of all ages. Audio exhibits allow for total immersion into the world of Judaism.

Synagogue – the place where people get together

Until the 1930s, the Jewish community of Arnstein assembled in an almost three-story high hall with an unusually high ceiling.

Other unique characteristics of the building are two balconies for women, one above the other, on the west side. A prayer hall covered in murals. Two lions on the eastside near the vault that hold the German and Bavarian crest respectively, a sign of the willingness of the Arnstein Jewish community to assimilate into their host community after the emancipation of Jews in 1861.

Special exhibits, musical and literary events are another aspect of the meeting place of the Old Synagogue that make a visit even more worthwhile.

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