terroir f - A Magical Place at the Thüngersheimer Johannisberg

Wine & Mythology – Wine is Divine!

terroir f Thüngersheim/Foto: Dr. Kolesch

Another magical place of Franconian wine – terroir f - exists at the Thüngersheimer Johannisberg. The location is most likely unique in the world. After all, who remembers the Greek Goddess Ariadne, the first wine goddess in the world? She is better known for the thread she left for Theseus to find his way out of the labyrinth. But who knows how her story continued after Theseus left her? That she was rescued by Dionysos, the God of Wine, who married her and brought her back from the underworld as a goddess? In his joy, he tossed her diadem into the sky. The jewels turned into stars on their way, creating the constellation corona borealis, aka the Northern Crown.

But the story continues: Ariadne and Dionysos had a son, Oenopion, who was the first winegrower in Greek mythology…

Two bronze sculptures by Andreas Krämer depict this story and much more about the world of the wine gods at a beautiful and simultaneously spiritual location at the Thüngersheimer Johannisberg.

Photos: Dr. Hermann Kolesch