terroir f - A Magical Place at the Thüngersheimer Scharlachberg

The Vinomax at the Thüngersheimer Scharlachberg Wine & Science – Wine Inspires

The “Vinomax” rises strikingly above the Schaumkalk beds of the Muschelkalk formation at the Thüngersheimer Scharlachberg. The name “Vinomax” is a play on the name of the largest lecture hall at the local university, the popular “Audimax,” and is meant to highlight the connection between the wine, research and education, or the central mandate of the Bavarian State Institute of Viticulture and Horticulture (LWG) located in Veitshöchheim. The shape of the building imitates the 200 million year-old index fossil “Certit Nodosus.” This shape, reminiscent of a snail shell, resulted in the spectacular architecture of the house, which was built entirely in an innovative timber construction. The structure is embedded into a teaching and demonstration vineyard that shows history of the Silvaner and other, international grape varieties. Inside, visitors are encouraged to learn about the past and present research done by the LWG. For the budding winegrowers studying at the "Staatliche Meister- und Technikerschule für Weinbau und Oenologie", the space doubles as their new, green classroom.

The inspiring location of the vineyard serves as a space for research on species diversity, climate change, cultivation techniques for steep vineyard slopes, as well as new and old grape varieties. Many signs throughout the vineyard inform about ongoing projects.

Photo: Dr. Hermann Kolesch