terroir f - A Magical Place at the Nordheimer Kreuzberg

The "Franconian Wine Hall" at the vineyard "Nordheimer Kreuzberg"
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High up, below the vantage point at the vineyard "Nordheimer Kreuzberg", guests can expect what is probably the most unusual magical place in Franconian wine - terroir f. A spectacular mural, unique in the world of wine, tells of the work in the vineyard and cellar, wine culture and wine enjoyment - and always with a "wink", with typical Franconian humor.

The story ranges from young winegrowers whose "Silvaner rocks", careless helpers during the vintage who sometimes fall into a bucket, the grape hat - i.e. protection against grape thieves of all kinds, to the most important day of the Franconian wine industry, the election of the Franconian Wine Queen. But it doesn't stop there. Wine wants to be enjoyed, whether in the cellar or at the festive table with typical Franconian dishes, the "Schäuferla" and the bratwurst. But that's not all. In the middle of the painting, in reference to the storming of the Bastille, not the French national figure Marianne but "Frankonia" strides. She's finally leading the Bavarians, but not with weapons, but in a drunken frenzy with grapes and a "Bocksbeutel", and of course accidentally stepping on the Bavarian lion's tail, thereby embodying Franconian self-confidence and the Franconian view of Bavaria.

After so much information and the many selfies that have been taken in front of the mural, it is worth letting your eyes wander over the Main island - of course with a good glass of Franconian wine from Nordheim am Main.

Photos: Dr. Gabriele Brendel

terroir f Nordheim a.Main / Foto: Dr. Gabriele Brendelterroir f Nordheim a.Main / Foto: Dr. Gabriele Brendel