terroir f - A Magical Place in Eibelstadt

terroir f Eibelstadt/ Foto: LWG Dr. Hermann Kolesch

Eibelstadt – Playful Vines: Observe and Decide – Wine is a Challenge

Visitors to the terroir f Eibelstadter Kapellenberg are treated to a magnificent view of the historical town center and the Main River Valley, as well as some impressive architecture. The sightseeing platform fits into the slope like an amphitheater. Displays interpret the traditional vineyard walls in a new way and point out how winegrowing has shaped this landscape for eons: Terraces, retaining walls, wayside shrines, vineyard chapels and huts, etc. The sit-on cubes and an elaborate steel wall are dedicated to the playful vines of the terroir f. The entertaining display educates visitors on how to differentiate different grape varieties and teaches about their history and development.

Photo: LWG, Dr. Kolesch & Holger Leue