terroir f - A Magical Place in Großlangheim

The World as Seen through a Bocksbeutel

It is amazing how much you can relax with a glass of Franconian wine – or even get blissed out completely. This is what usually happens at the terroir f in Grosslangheim. Above the Kiliansberg terroir, next to the Hardthütte, is a sightseeing platform that is shaped like a Bockbeutel bottle lying on its side, which seems to float above the rows of grapes. Fittingly, the topic of this terroir f is the unique shape of the typical Franconian wine bottle, indelibly linked to Franconian quality and premium wines.

The view through the Bocksbeutel allows visitors to learn about the fact that since 1989 only wines from Franconia and a few other, select winegrowing areas can be bottled in this uniquely shaped container. But the Franconian bottle dates back much further: A Celtic variety of the Bocksbeutel dating back to around 1400 BC was unearthed near Aschaffenburg. The terroir f also shows how the Franconian Wine and the Bocksbeutel have adapted over time. The traditional bottle shape got a modern makeover in 2015. Called “Bocksbeutel PS” the new design has an elegant and fresh appeal, giving the Franconian wine a new container that honors its tradition.

Photo: LWG/Karl Josef Hildenbrand