terroir f - A Magical Place in Handthal

Handthal – Wine History: A Path of Discovery – Wine Educates

At around 1300 feet tall, the terroir Handthaler Stollburg is one of the highest vineyards in Franconia. Aside from a great view of the Fränkische Keuperstufe, it is a special, mystical place in Franconia. It is said that the famous minstrel Walther von der Vogelweide was born at the Stollburg.

The special status of the location can only be explored actively. The effort is well worth it however, since you get to learn about 8,000 years of winegrowing history. So you have reasons to stop for a breather and some education on your climb up to the Stollburg.

And you just know that the wine has many exciting stories to tell!

Photos: LWG/Dr. Hermann Kolesch