terroir f - A Magical Place in Hammelburg

Winegrowing in Franconia
People and History – Wine Tells Stories

terroir f Hammelburg / Foto: Dr. Hermann Kolesch

The Magical Place of Franconian Wine, the terroir f dedicated to the history of the Franconian wine Hammelburger Heroldsberg, sits high above the oldest wine town in Franconia. Documents show that wine was cultivated here as early as 777 AD. Four architecturally designed audio stations bring to life the history of Franconian wine. They tell the story of the beginnings at monasteries, the medieval heyday, many economic hard times, plagues and diseases, parasites, and the recovery and rebuilding of winegrowing capacities in the last century, to the new design of the Bocksbeutel bottle. The location also impresses with its wonderful view of the walls and towers ringing the Hammelburg old town, across to the Saaleck Castle, all the way to the foothills of the Rhön region.