terroir f - A Magical Place in Markt Einersheim

The wine that grows in soils of the Gipskeuper formation surrounding Markt Einersheim has connoisseurs singing its praises. Fittingly, the terroir is called “Markt Einersheimer Vogelsang.” And it is here that you find the terroir f with the Vogelsang (bird song) balcony. A visit to the sightseeing platform offers a wonderful view of Markt Einersheim, the Hellmitz bay, and the rows of grapes held in place by walls of Gipskeuper blocks.

The theme for this magical place is royalty. The terroir f explores the role aristocrats played in the development of Franconian winegrowing. Emperor Charlemagne, for example, enacted laws governing European winegrowing operations and he was a big fan of Franconian wine. There are many other emperors, kings, and noble men that followed his lead, and this terroir f tells their stories.

Photo: LWG