terroir f - A Magical Place in Rimpar

terroir f Rimpar

Rimpar – Wine Ecology: The Kobel. Views and Insights – Discover Variety

In Rimpar, nature lend its hand in creating a bold and spectacular building at the terroir f. At this magical place, the Kobel greets wine aficionados. The Kobel looks like a giant squirrel’s nest constructed from modern building materials that sits at the top of the Rimparer Kobersberg location. The inside of the nest as well as its green roof provide impressive perspectives, views and insights.

This magical place also provides insights into the topic of wine ecology. Rimpar is the perfect location for this since ecological winegrowing got an early start here thanks to several local pioneers. There is also an ecological wine hiking trail offering more information of the entire winegrowing ecosystem.

Photo: LWG, Dr. Hermann Kolesch