terroir f - A Magical Place in Randersacker

terroir f Randersacker Foto  Dr. Hermann Kolesch

Randersacker – Wine Geology – From Rock to Wine – Making the Invisible Visible

The terroir f in Randersacker combines a great terroir, great wines, and a great view. The striking Sonnenstuhl Tower, locally known as the potato tower, is the destination. The tower rises above the landscape of the Randersackerer Sonnenstuhl terroir and it can’t be missed.

The tower itself has an illustrious history. But the discoveries at this magical place go back way further in time. Earth history is on display, exploring the Franconian Triassic – represented by colored sandstone, shell limestone, and keuper – that now account for the soils of the Franconian wine country. This terroir f makes wine geology visible. It explores what is hidden underground but can be tasted with every glass of Franconian wine.

The potato tower was also constructed from blocks of Muschelkalk (shell limestone), by the way. The same goes for many churches, wayside shrines, and winegrowers houses built in the Franconian wine country from this very local rock formation.

Photo: Dr.Kolesch/LWG