terroir f - A Magical Place in Rödelsee

terroir f Rödelsee-Holger Leue

The Silvaner – The Identity of a Region – Purely Franconian

The impressively constructed sculpture of the magical place of Franconian wine is noticeable from afar. Bright white, like a spaceship that came out of the sky above Franconia and landed above the rows of grapes, this cylinder sits in the vineyard. When entering, visitors experience the Franconian wine culture and the seemingly endless horizon like through a giant pair of binoculars. The exhibit tells the story of the Silvaner, a grape variety that was first planted in Franconia, nearby in Castell, more than 350 years ago. No other grape embodies the essence, the people and the wines of Franconia more than the Silvaner. It is the soul and identity of the Franconian wine country. Only a grand grape like the Silvaner is capable of giving birth to everything from simple, hearty table wines, to fresh and lively local wines, to world-class dry wines. After getting your fill of the panoramic views of the magical place, it is high time to enjoy a glass of Silvaner in Rödelsee.