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terroir f Würzburg – Artistic Wine Textbook

Thanks to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the “Würzburger Stein” made it into literary history as early as the 18th century. He wrote about the wine from this location: “I get upset when my favorite drink is not available.” Fittingly, the theme of this terroir f is “Literature and Wine – Goethe’s Guestbook. Wine Inspires.”

The literature balcony floats above the vineyard and offers visitors a view of Würzburg and the surrounding vineyards, which rise up from the Main River valley. There are 13 columns introducing Goethe, as well as Walter von der Vogelweide, Hermann Hesse, and Leonard Frank. All poets who appreciated Franconian wine, as you can learn from the wine textbook.

To round things out, there is a digital showcase that goes even more in depth about the importance of wine to literature.

Photos: Dietmar Denger